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Make your images compressed to improve your page load time and overall site performance. In this article, we discuss How to Compress JPEG images.

What is JPG, JPEG, formats in image?

In theory, JPG and JPEG are the same formats, with no distinction between these picture extensions. The format, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, was first introduced in 1992.

Because Windows PC only supported file formats with three characters, JPEG was abbreviated to JPG to make it compatible with Windows. On the other hand, Apple and Linux computers still use JPEG.

JPEG and JPG are now used interchangeably by Windows, Mac, and several other operating systems. You may even format your photographs in the same file format using JPE, JIF, JFI, and JFIF.

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Why should I reduce image size?

If you have a huge picture collection, you will realize that it takes up a lot of space. So the primary reason to optimize your photographs is to save space. This might be to clear up space on your hard disk, or it could be because you want to share them with friends and family, but the files are too large to transfer.

There is an additional incentive to optimize your images if you host a website: site performance. When you visit a website like this one, you will notice that it has many photos.
Images are essential for transmitting information and showing our material — the Internet would be rather dull without them!

On the other hand, images are huge files that take up a lot of space. As captured straight from your camera or phone, a typical picture file in the standard JPG format will be between 4 and 7 gigabytes in size. If you had a web article with ten photos, it would be 40 - 70 gigabytes of data that your web browser would have to download for you to view. That doesn't even consider anything else on the page, which might include text, scripts, or other elements. Even with a fast internet connection, loading a website with 40 gigabytes of photos would take forever! It would take what seemed like an eternity on a sluggish mobile connection. Users care about quickness. Studies have shown that if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than half of mobile consumers will abandon it.

The BBC discovered that for every additional second it takes for a website to load, 10% of visitors would depart. If you have a website, I suggest that you run it via Google's "Test my site" tool, which will indicate how quickly your site loads. The time limit is three seconds on that tool, pages on this site average roughly 2 seconds.

However, it is not just consumers who like quick websites. Google considers site speed one of several ranking elements when determining where to rank sites in its search results. That implies that if you want your website to rank highly on Google, you need to consider how quickly it loads. And optimizing your photos will help you get a speedier site. Google PageSpeed Insights is another tool that can be used to assess your site's page performance and offer extensive recommendations for improving it. We strongly advise you to put your website through this tool to see what its results produce.

On this website, we score between 85 and 92 on the PSI mobile version and 97 and 100 on the PSI desktop version. A large part of that score is due to having well-optimized photos.

How to Compress JPEG image online ?

There are many tools available to compress JPEG images online. Many are free, while others need money. But today, we will introduce you to a website where you can compress JPEG images for free. The website is In my opinion, this website is best for Compress JPEG images.

Let's see how to compress JPEG images online for free. First, enter this website. Now You may find an uploader by scrolling down. Upload any JPG or JPEG picture to be compressed/reduced.

Now, choose the percentage you wish to compress. Then click Upload, and it will be immediately compressed. You can now view your original picture as well as the compressed image size. Select the Download button. The picture is embedded below, and it will immediately download.

Benefits of compress JPEG image

Saves space:

when we compress JPEG images, we reduce the size of the picture. We have extra room on our hard drive when the height is lowered. We can keep a large number of images on our computer. Again, we're all on our phones. By reducing photos, we get more flexibility on our mobile devices.

The Website gets faster:

Image compression is significant for web administrators. When web administrators compress pictures, they may post various photographs to the Website. When the photos are less in size, the Website uploads quicker. When a consumer visits the Website, they have access to all of the images on the site. As a consequence of this, the webmaster will benefit.

Easier to use in picture editing software:

We offer many picture editing programs. We need to modify our images from time to time. Again When we compress photographs, we make it simpler to alter them in photo editing software.

Faster social media uploads:

We all use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It's something we've all heard about. We sometimes need to submit photographs or group shots to social media. It will be simpler to present the pictures if we compress them.


Hopefully, this guide to Compress JPEG images online has helped you get some ideas for improving your site load times. And the website helps to Compress the JPEG image perfectly. So I'm finishing here today, see you in another article.