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The Ultimate Guide to Playing PUBG Mobile with A Controller

Wondering how you can play PUBG Mobile using a controller? Read this ultimate guide on how to play PUBG Mobile using a controller!

The Ultimate Guide to Playing PUBG Mobile with A Controller

Tencent Games is dominating the world of mobile gaming with its popular multiplayer game, PUBG Mobile. This game has gained immense popularity among players from all around the world since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of players are asking whether they can play PUBG Mobile with a controller or not. TheGamingHubs is here to tell how you can play PUBG Mobile using a PUBG gaming controller.

The Ultimate Guide to Playing PubG Mobile with a Controller

Yes, although there is no direct or official way of connecting a controller to the PUBG mobile, the game can still be played with a controller. Tencent Games has never integrated a controller feature with the PUBG Mobile, but it is possible with a few techniques. They are trying their best to keep the game fair and have decided that they will not match mobile players with players using a controller.

Best PUBG Gaming Controllers:

Using a controller for PUBG mobile may not be allowed, but it is very simple to set one up. Every gaming controller comes with instructions on the box on how you can set them up. Read the instructions carefully and enjoy your gaming experience.

We have handpicked a few gaming controllers for you. These controllers are usually used for shooting games, thus are perfect for PUBG mobile. These controllers are as follows:

  • • Gamesir
  • • Gamesir G6 Mobile Gaming
  • • Glap Play P/1
  • • Rotor Riot
  • • Xbox Controllers
  • • PS4 Controllers

How to set up a controller with PUBG Mobile?

Previously, it was possible to set up a controller to play PUBG Mobile through Octopus App, a free third-party application. However, Tencent Games banned the use of the Octopus App in their PUBG and Call of Duty mobile. Currently, the only way of setting up a PUBG gaming controller is through the Panda Gamepad Pro or Panda Mouse Pro app. However, both of these apps are paid applications.

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If you download the app by paying the price, then here is how you can set up your PUBG gaming controller:

  • • Purchase and download either the Panda Gamepad Pro or Panda Mouse Pro app.
  • • Turn on the Bluetooth from the phone’s setting.
  • • Search for available Bluetooth devices.
  • • Select the device named “Wireless Controller” and link it to your phone.
  • • Access the PUBG mobile app and calibrate the joystick controls to the touch controls of the game.
  • There are certain pros and cons of using a PUBG gaming controller. These are:


  • • The gaming experience is much smoother compared to the mobile
  • • Using the PUBG gaming controller gives an easier win compared to motion controls
  • • The controller provides a better trigger sensitivity
  • • The gaming experience becomes more precise


  • • It is harder to aim at a specific target using the controller due to the mechanism of built-in aiming.

  • • The majority of the PUBG gaming controllers require the help of third-party applications.

  • • Certain controller apps can result in a ban of your profile from the game

  • • PUBG does not officially support the use of gaming controllers

Playing PUBG mobile with a PUBG gaming controller is not as smooth as playing with the touch controls. While playing with the gaming controller will help you to create some distance between you and the screen, the sensitivity setting for the PUBG gaming controller is very little to nothing.

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PUBG Mobile has been officially launched for more than two years now. But there is still no chatter from Tencent Games or Lightspeed & Quantum about adding controller support to the game.

Call of Duty Mobile, another major game franchise of Tencent Games, has officially added controller support to the game back in late 2019. This being said, there is a slight chance that they will revisit the feature and make a decision about adding controller support to PUBG mobile.

Although the PUBG gaming controller offers fluidity to the movements of the player, its controls are not satisfactory compared to the touch settings of the game. The majority of the PUBG fans find the use of a PUBG gaming controller as cheating because PUBG never legally allowed the use of a controller in the game. However, winning a match in PUBG is easier if you use a PUBG gaming controller.

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