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Top 5 Ikea Gaming Desk Setups

ikea gaming desk

Gaming desk setups are expensive, but the Ikea gaming desk setups are affordable and cool. Read this guide to know about the top 5 Ikea gaming desk setups!

Top 5 Ikea Gaming Desk Setups

When shopping for gaming desk setups, there are thousands of options available in the market to choose from. But no gaming desk setup options in the market can beat the Ikea gaming desk setups. Why?

The most significant advantage of the Ikea gaming desk setups is that the price is highly affordable. There are a lot of sizes and colors of the Ikea gaming desk setups available to choose from. The Ikea gaming desk setups look good and can be moved from one place to another easily.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Ikea gaming desk setups.

1. Ikea Bekant

The Ikea Bekant is a versatile gaming desk and is gaining popularity rapidly. The Bekant Ikea gaming desk setup is available in the colors blue, black, and white. The standard size of the Ikea Bekant is 62 inches in length and 31 inches in width.

This Ikea gaming desk setup can easily be used as both sitting and standing desks. However, the Bekant gaming desk is available in various sizes. And the best part is it comes with a height adjustability feature. The height of the Bekant can be adjusted between 25 inches to 33 inches.

2. Ikea Fredde


The Ikea Fredde is hands down one of the best Ikea gaming desk setups. The Ikea Fredde is a small gaming desk made for accessories. It is the only Ikea gaming desk setup that comes with a cup holder. The Ikea Fredde has a lot of storage space available.

Even if the desk looks small, you can easily set a gaming setup with up to 4 monitors, external speakers, and headphones, etc. It is probably the best gaming desk setup if you want to showcase your gaming figurines or other artworks.

3. Ikea Linnmon


The Ikea Linnmon gaming desk setup is often confused with an ordinary table. It is a typical MDF table but is versatile as most DIY gaming setups use variations of the Ikea Linnmon. The best part about Linnmon is the low price, and it gives a simple yet classy look to your setup.

The Ikea Linnmon is available in white, black, and birch, and even the metal legs are available in different colors. The metal legs are available in white, blue, and black. Assembling the Linnmon gaming desk setup is super easy and can be done within minutes.

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4. Ikea Alex

The Ikea Alex with two drawers is another popular gaming desk setup option among gamers. This simple gaming desk uses the design of a traditional writing desk with two drawers under the desktop. The drawers are designed with drawer stops so that you do not completely pull the drawers out.

What makes the Ikea Alex stand out among other gaming desks is its thin metal frame. It is seen as one of the best space-saving gaming desks for small spaces. The Ikea Alex is one of the low-priced gaming desk setups that you can purchase at any moment.

5. Ikea Micke

The Ikea Micke gaming desk setup offers wide desktop and cable management holes. You might consider the Ikea Micke if you want all the cable of your gaming setup out of the way. It is made of a wood and metal frame which gives it a more expensive look.

The Ikea Micke is sturdier than most of the Ikea gaming desk setups. You can assemble it in the middle of the room as the back looks as good as the front side. The Ikea Micke is actually an impressive deal as it offers a sleek look and style at an affordable price.

It is proved that Ikea offers some of the best gaming desk setups in the market. The five gaming desks mentioned above are the top 5 Ikea gaming desk setups in the market. Some are a bit more expensive than others. But at the end of the day, they all have qualities that make them stand out among others. Choose one according to your preference and budget, assemble and enjoy gaming!

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